Greetix online photo booth with live slideshow as a highlight at your event

Are you looking for an awesome and cheap alternative to a photo booth, but don’t want to give up the traditional and proven photo games and its fun factor?

With our geetix online photo booth tool your guests can easily send pictures to a live photo stream. They simply use one of their favorite messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.
There is no necessity to download or install any other app. And - as almost everyone owns a mobile phone with a camera - no necessity to pay for an expensive photo booth or for disposable cameras ;-)

John Smith using his smartphone to send a picture with a message to live slideshow seen in the background.
No installation required! Just use one of these:
  • The Telegram logo.
  • The WhatsApp logo.
Example of a text-only message as seen on the Greetix live slideshow.

Greetix is more than just a simple picture slideshow. In addition to photos and by using messenger apps like WhatsApp you can also send text messages and greetings to the screen. With our online photo booth you can not only realize typical photobox pictures with funny props, but also all kinds of other entertaining event-games. For example you can use the live slideshow for a photo challenge at your wedding. There are no limits to your creativity.

Example of the Greetix online photo gallery.

Greetix also is a great and easy way to collect and share all the photos taken by your guests on your party or wedding as they are uploaded and stored in a private online gallery.

Of course, every guest who has uploaded pictures during the party can view all moments afterwards and manage, download or delete his or her own photos.

Example of the Greetix photo book.

Greetix also offers the opportunity to collect all beautiful moments of your celebration as a chronicle directly into a photo book.

Did you know?

For smaller events you can even use the photo live slideshow for free! Isn’t that a nice alternative to a photo booth?

How can I use the online photo booth?

  1. Create an event on

  2. Hand out the event code to your guests

  3. Your guests simply visit with their smartphone, choose their favorite chat-app and start sending images or messages directly to the live slideshow.


Provide the event code to your guests one or two days before your celebration starts. This way impressions of the preparation can already be collected in the online photo gallery and shared on the day of the event via our photo screen.

8 benefits that make our online photo booth with live slideshow a great alternative to traditional photo booths

Party guests wearing fake glasses and mustaches made from cardboard taking a selfie.

Enjoy more flexibility with your online photo booth

With Greetix you can enjoy much more flexibility than with a photo station. Instead of one single photo booth backdrop you can choose many different locations. It’s your choice: Designate a separate corner for ultimate snapshots - or turn any space into a photo booth. Put props and costumes (like mustaches, oversized glasses and inflatable guitars) on the tables or dance floor. This way, funny pictures for the realtime photo slideshow can be taken at any time and in front of different backgrounds.

A bride thrown in the air by her guests.

Catch all moments of your celebration

As a real alternative to photo booths Greetix lets you experience your party from different angles and through the eyes of all your guests as all moments are documented and live-streamed. Especially nice at weddings: Get a beautiful chronology of the entire day - from the exciting 'getting ready' phase to the emotional wedding ceremony and the wild party afterwards. Emotional and funny snapshots are taken throughout the day - and not just in front of the photo booth. Let everyone take part and show them directly on the live slideshow!

Party guests fooling around with soap bubbles in a bathtub.

Greetix is exactly where your guests are

By using our online photo booth you are not bound to a fixed location and a single background like with traditional photo booths. Turn any corner of your event location into a photo spot. So greetix is exactly where your guests are - this is where life plays and the celebration shows its most authentic side. And remember: Photobooths can only handle 3 or 4 guests at a time. So you’ll have lots of guests queuing when they should be partying. With greetix guests aren’t lining up waiting to have funny pictures taken :)

A face made up from cardboard requisites. Mustaches for eyebrows, a pair of glasses for outlining the eyes and a full beard to outline the mouth.

Create interactive games and photo challenges by using the realtime photostream

With Greetix you can do much more than typical photo booth pictures with props and accessories. As all photos and messages are transmitted to a live slideshow, many party games can be realized in a completely new way. This increases the fun factor and invites to funny photo challenges ;-) Let your guests participate interactively in your event.

Jonas Meyers riddle message as to why the bridge still isn't drunk on the Greetix live slideshow.

Send greetings, jokes or riddles

Sometimes words can be more effective than images ;-) So wouldn’t it be nice to add text to your pictures? With the Greetix online photo booth not only greetings, compliments or emojis can be projected onto the screen - heat up the mood with jokes or let your guests solve a quiz.

A selfie from Jessica Schmidt and her friends send from their sail trip with their regards for the marriage as seen on the Greetix live slideshow.

Let those be near, who are far away

Get connected with friends and family members who are prevented from attending your party. By sending greetings and pictures live onto the screen they can be involved in your event from all over the world.

The silhouette of a person from behind, taking a picture of the setting sun in the background.

Modern, eco-friendly and low-cost

Greetix is more than a modern alternative to photo booth. By not wasting a lot of photo paper it is ecological too. Just print out exactly the pictures you like. With this free or low-priced photo software you also save the high rental costs for a photo booth. This - of course - also applies to disposable cameras: As most guests take pictures with their mobile phones anyway. So you may prefer to invest the money for instant cameras in something more useful. By the way, the quality of today’s smartphone photos is much better than that of a polaroid camera ;)

An small and antique looking wooden box with old, monochrome photographs in it.

Use the Greetix slideshow to review memories

In addition to live booths, where guests can send pictures directly to the screen, you can use Greetix as a traditional photoshow: Just send previously selected pictures to your "event" and play them at the chosen time. Revel in memories and enjoy the "good old times" once again.


One last tip for using the online photo booth at your wedding

Set up several photo stations with different themes - this way you can keep your guests well entertained with photo tasks during your wedding photo shoot.

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