greetix FAQ and support center

How much does greetix cost?

It's on us! greetix is completely free for private usage and for an unlimited number of guests, messages and pictures. Invite as many guests as you want and have a great night.

How do my guests use greetix?

Your guests just visit with their smartphone, tap on their favorite messenger app, send the event-code and start sending images or messages. It's as simple as that.

Appart from images, what can guests send me?

Your guests can send pictures and messages.
We are planning on adding video in the near future too.

Can I use Emojis?

We love emojis! So yes, use as many as you can 😃😊

How can I display the slide show?

You can show your slideshow by connecting your laptop, computer or tablet with a TV or projector.

Will I need internet access?

Your laptop, tablet of computer delivering the slideshow should be connected to a stable internet connection as all images are transmitted live through the internet. Your guests will need internet access or cellular reception.

Do guests have to register?

We want to make greetix as simple as possible. That is why they do not need to register or download any app. They just use the messenger app that is already installed on their phone. After your event, guests have the possibility to register and see all submitted images and messages.

Can I test greetix out?

Sure! We do not ask for much to start using greetix. Just go to, type in an event-name, an e-mail address and a password and start collecting pictures.

Can guests access submitted images and messages?

One day after your event, all guests will receive an invitation to an area where they can see all submitted images and messages. From there they can also order a book with the best memories of your event.

Do you display any ads?

Never. Ever.

Any other question?

Just leave a message (bottom right corner of this site) or send an e-mail to We will be glad to help.