greetix FAQ and support center

How can I run the live slideshow?

To run the live slideshow you only have to connect your laptop or tablet to a TV, projector or similar. Then you simply start the slideshow from your Greetix account.

Will I need internet access?

Your laptop, tablet or computer delivering the slideshow should be connected to a stable internet connection as all images are transmitted live through the internet. Your guests will need internet access or cellular reception.

How do my guests use Greetix?

Your guests simply visit with their smartphone, choose their favorite chat-app (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram), send the event-code and start sending images or messages. It's as simple as that.

Do guests have to register?

We want to make greetix as simple as possible, especially for guests. That is why they do not need to register or download any app. They just use the messenger-app that is already installed on their phone. However, after your event guests have the possibility to register on and see all submitted images and messages.

Is it possible to upload pictures and text messages before the event starts?

Of course! Once the event is created, images can be collected (e.g. photos of your wedding preparation).

How long can pictures be uploaded?

There is no time limit for the upload of images after the event is finished.

Can I use emojis?

We love emojis! So yes, you can! 😃😊

How can I download the pictures after the event?

When using Greetix Free you can download each image separately. With Greetix Plus or Business you can use our batch-download feature to access all pictures.
If you don't have a plus account you can upgrade here.

For how long can the pictures be downloaded after the event?

Photos and messages can be downloaded until the host deletes the „event“ on So don’t worry if you first need to cure your hangover..

Who can see the photos and messages of my event?

Nothing is posted publicly! Your data is backed up with a code. Only guests, who send pictures and messages with this code, are able to access the photos afterwards. To be able to do that, all participants will receive a message from us one day after the event with the possibility to register with Greetix. Then every guest can view all messages and manage their own pictures and messages.

Can I delete inappropriate pictures during the event?

Of course you can delete unwanted pictures during the event. Just open your event at so you can see all pictures and text messages in the timeline. Each file has the option to disable or completely delete it.
Furthermore by using Greetix Business you have the option to activate images before they are shown in the public slideshow. For this you just check the box „enable moderation mode“ under „edit event“.
If you don't have a plus or business account you can upgrade here.

Can guests delete their pictures after the event has taken place?

As a guest you can delete your own uploaded pictures. The day after the event you will receive a link to register with Greetix and review all pictures. Here is also the possibility to delete images.

How can I change the background image of the slide show?

With your plus or business account you have the option to change the background image. Choose your current event under „my events“, click on „edit event“ and upload a new background image.
If you don't have a plus account you can upgrade here.

Can I change the event-code?

Yes, with your plus or business account you have the option to choose a personal event-code. Choose your current event under „my events“, click on „edit event“ and assign a new code. It should consist of numbers and/or letters.
If you don't have a plus account you can upgrade here.

How much does Greetix cost?

Greetix is free for your private party with up to 10 participants and an unlimited number of messages and pictures. It’s perfect for bithday parties, family events or small weddings.
Are you planning a bigger event with up to 100 participants? Then use greetix „plus" for 65$. Here you also have the option to assign an individual event code, to change the background image and to make a batch-download with all posted photos.
For slightly bigger events you could use Greetix Pro for 110$ and up to 350 guests.
With up to 1000 participants and 280$ Greetix „business“ is perfect for public events, meetups and trade fairs. Usage analysis, a moderation function and extended support from our service team is also available here.
If you don't have a plus account you can upgrade here.

Can I test greetix out?

Sure! We do not ask for much to start using greetix. Just go to, type in an event-name, an e-mail address and a password and start collecting pictures.

Do you display any ads?

Never. Ever.

Any other question?

Just leave a message (bottom right corner of this site) or send an e-mail to We will be glad to help.